Dead Sea Scrolls at the ROM: CFIM’s Private Viewing

“Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition at the ROM”
Avoid the long line up!  Join the Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum’s Private Viewing on July 14, 2009.

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of attending a preview of the ROM’s Exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Opening to the public on June 27th, the show features eight fragments of the 2,000-year-old scrolls, including the oldest known copies of the Old Testament.

The ROM exhibit features more than 200 artifacts that were found with the scrolls, such as ancient jars, cooking pots, roof tiles and bone carvings.

I was most excited to see the three treasures of the Israel Antiquities Authority which are usually exhibited at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. These artifacts include an inkwell, thought to have been used to write the Scrolls and two stone blocks which fell from the Temple Mount to the street below, where excavators discovered them 2,000 years later.

The Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum have planned a “Private Viewing” of this Exhibition on Tuesday, July 14th. Avoid the long line-up and join CFIM as Dr. Risa Levitt Kohn discusses the relevance and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Jewish, Islamic and Christian Faiths.

See CFIM’s homepage for more information and to purchase tickets.

(The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition was produced by the Royal Ontario Museum in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority. The artifacts are on loan from the National Treasures of the Israel Antiquities Authority.)