Tali Gavish, Head of the Museum’s Ruth Young Wing, thanks our Young Associates

I wanted to let you know that we received your generous donation for the Youth Wing’s Saturday family activities.

I cannot describe how happy this donation made us- many families arrive on Saturdays seeking an enriching activity that will create an experience that caters to children of different ages. The activity includes a guided tour, an art workshop, storytelling, and sometimes a meeting with artists. This activity is a wonderful way to both expand their knowledge of art as well as establish a love for art and the Museum from an early age. Personally I find that the activity contributes to strengthening the relationship between parents and their children (and frequently between the child and his grandparents) trough art.

I would be happy to send pictures and some of our conclusions from the program, at a later time.

All of us at the Youth Wing would like to express our deepest thanks and look forward to your next visit at the Museum.

Sincerely yours